Vintage promotional booklet ‘Champagne Vine Country and Champagne Wine’, published by Charles Heidsieck, early 20th century

Ever wonder what exactly is champagne?

This vintage booklet, though published a century ago, still could give you answers to your two basic questions – where it is produced and how it is made. If you however are one of those who already knows this, there are also some interesting information to fill the gaps in your knowledge. For example, that the total stock of a champagne house corresponded to about 5 years shipment, that no cellar was damaged during the World War I or that pruning was generally performed by women that period.

Illustrated, with maps and photographs, the booklet is quite educational. Due to the absence of a publishing date, we can only make guesses that it was probably in 1921, since as last vintage is pointed the previous year. And though it was created for the promotion of Charles Heidsieck & Co champagnes presumably for the USA market, nowhere in the text is mentioned the house as advertisement. In an imaginary conversation with a visitor, a champagne merchant and a wine-grower explain him how this delicious drink was made starting with the history and finishing with advice how to store, serve and drink it in moderation.

I liked it and definitely learned something new.

If you want to download it, go to the source where I found it. It is free.

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