post 5 – aromas and flavours in Sparkling Wine

Let’s celebrate the holidays with Sparkling Wine and to appreciate completely its bouquet of fragrances, a few words about its aromas and flavours.

What you smell on the nose are called AROMAS and what you taste on the palate – FLAVOURS., pages 27-28, image of aromas and flavours in sparkling wine – sparkling wine aromas

The following are the most common aromas/flavours that could be easily detected in White Sparkling Wines:

Citrus – lemon, lime, tangerine; orange and lemon peel

Green fruits – green melon, green and yellow apple,

Stone fruits – peach, apricot

Tropical fruits – lychee, pineapple, mango

Dried fruits – raisin, prune, apple pie

Floral – rose petals, iris, violets, honey-suckle

Spices – ginger, vanilla

Kernel – coffee, chocolate, cashew, almond, hazelnut

Autolysis – toasted bread, fresh dough, croissant, honey, rye bread, butter, biscuits

Diary – cream

Vegetal – truffle

Oak – caramel, pages 27a-28a, image of aromas and flavours in sparkling wine – sparkling wine aromas

Keep in mind two important notes:

1. They have also intensity that varies from light to pronounced. The green apple, for example, could be sensed right away than the chocolate, which might reveal at the 2nd sniff (if it is there, of course).

2. Not all aromas could be found as flavours, and vice versa. If you have smelled rose petals, this doesn’t mean that you will surely taste them on the palate too. However as a rule of thumb, if most of the aromas are also present as flavours, it is one of the good signs you are drinking a quality sparkling wine.

So, with such a delicious bouquet of fragrances, wouldn’t you feel like singing Frank Sinatra’s song “Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars…”